2 min readJun 4, 2022

Greetings from the YieldShield team!

On June 7, a beta public release of our platform will take place, and for the fastest, and most active, we have prepared nice bonuses.
Read the information closely and act decisively!

So what will get the most active and fastest users who will register on the platform in the period from 7 to 9 June?

Go to the YieldShield platform, create your referral link and acquire your tokens this way⬇️

⁃When you go to the platform on someone’s referral link and create an investment that will be active for 24 hours, you receive 2500 tokens on YIeldShield.

⁃ For each friend, who goes to the YieldShield platform through your referral link, you receive 300 tokens.

⁃ If your friend makes a minimum investment on the platform, you will receive 2000 tokens for this.

Be the first to get access to all future platform innovations! And you will get additional benefits later on:

⁃ Priority on the most promising pools.

⁃ Maximum investment of $5000 instead of $1000.

Apart from all these rewards, the most important thing you get is access to automatic farming, to all the tools that will help you control drawdowns and your risks.

Join our platform during 7–9 June and will receive your bonuses!

Great news, isn’t it?
We want to please you. It’s all as simple and transparent as possible, in the style of YieldShield💜.

Create a reminder for June 7, YieldShield is waiting for you!




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