Close Crypto Traders Pain with YieldShield.

2 min readJun 16, 2022


Hi YieldShilders!

Our team knows that, unfortunately, now everyone’s portfolio has plummeted, but with YieldShield, the losses would be minor.
Do you know what problems farmers often face? Today we will discuss this topic and tell you how the YieldShield Platform will not let you allow them! Let’s go!

Yield Farming is a huge market; the risks and the inherent complexity make new investors shy away. There are pain points of yield farming; on a different farming platform, you may stumble with high gas fees, monitoring, unverified pools, and high risk levels, among others.

But what if there was a solution? A solution where you didn’t have to watch your investments day&night? A solution where you could have high returns but not necessarily take part daily?
The YieldShield closed all this pain. Let’s see how our platform makes the world of yield farming much more accessible for crypto traders.

1. Verified Pools.
You no longer need to look for profitable and promising pools. They are already assembled on the YieldShield platform. Our analysts are constantly testing and selecting the best pools for you. The number of pools will aye increase. YieldShield Robo-Farmer, according to your risk level setting, will find the best farm to deposit your tokens.

2. The Stop-Loss Function.
The Stop-Loss is unique and only exists in YieldShield — the platform that allows you to farm yield with high APY while keeping your risk moderate. YieldShield is using stop-loss to prevent the loss of the investment. Specify the level of allowable drawdown, and our robo-farmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base coin, and return those funds to your wallet. The Stop-loss function is careful about your investment.

3. Automatic Restake.
Manual time-consuming restakes are a thing of the past. No more need to spend time looking for the best investment options. Set your risk level and let our RoboFarmer do the rest for you — always finding the highest yield with an algorithmic multi-chain yield farming.

4. Minimal Gas Fees.
With YieldShield no need to overpay. Instead of doing 5–10 TX to exchange, you will pay for only 1. Multiple transactions will be batched into single transactions to keep the already low fees even lower.

5. Diversification.
Your assets will never be invested in just one pool. To reduce the overall degree of risk YieldShield platform will distribute your investments in different liquidity pools depending on their level of risk.

YieldShield addresses true gaps in the market.




Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.