Feedback and updates from YieldShield BETA 1.0 Testing

At the end of September 2021, our team released YieldShield with closed BETA 1.0 access.

We carefully listened to all the feedback from our BETA 1.0 testers in the community, and monitoring of the investments placed on the Platform. We are grateful for all the insights and suggestions returned to us, and we are pleased to report no major bugs or issues were reported.

Quick Stats:

  • 55% of the BETA 1.0 investors picked the ‘medium risk’ level for their investments.
  • Average transaction cost: $2.60.
  • 73% of investors claimed their rewards in YIELD tokens.

We learned a lot from the BETA 1.0 and what will be implemented in the next updates coming soon to Highlights of this learning are below:

Investments In Stable Coins Only.

BNB price volatility is leading to impermanent losses for all investors. That’s why from now on all auto-investments will be happening only in stable coins. On Binance Smart Chain (BSC) investments will be now undertaken in BUSD, although Gas will still need to be deposited in BNB.

Investments Only To Pools With Liquidity Higher Than $100,000

Only Pools with liquidity of more than $100,000 will be open for investments on the Platform. If your investment was in a Pool and the liquidity dropped below $95,000 — The Platform will auto-relocate your investment funds to the next best Pool available.

Limiting Investments In One Pool From One User And On The Platform In General.

YieldShield will limit investments to 20% of the liquidity of the Pool from the YieldShield Platform, and to 10% of Pool liquidity from one user. This will help to avoid the big price and APY change when investments are being moved to the different Pools. This means that your investment might go not to the Pool with the highest APY that you can see available on the Platform, but to the best one available for you — Considering your investment size and liquidity of the Pools currently supported on YieldShield.

Choosing The Best Available Exchange Path For The Tokens.

Currently, RoboFarmer is exchanging most of the tokens on PancakeSwap, and if there is no such token available there then — RoboFarmer automatically goes to the next native exchange available on the Platform and executes the exchange there. This might lead to a larger price impact as, for example, the token pair may have higher liquidity or a better price on another exchange, but the RoboFarmer will not be aware of this.

Currently, we are working on defining the best exchange passes for all Pools and Exchanges and automating this process so YieldShiled investors will get the best prices available at all times, reduce price cost impact, and get fewer expenses (fees).

While we are developing the mechanics for it, we take price impact into consideration when exchanging the tokens, and part of this price impact needs to be covered by the rewards collected from the Staking Pool before funds will be moved to the next available Pool.

Improved App Design

We received a lot of feedback regarding the interface and what is currently missing there. We are working on reimagining the UI/UX of the application and making the interface design even more user-friendly, easy to use, and in turn, helping investors to track their investments better.

We will also be adding more real and historical data on your investments, an improved notification system, a more intuitive investment process, and investment management.

Here are a few sneak pics for you to enjoy. The new design will be rolled out for the public release of the app before the end of the year (2021).

We will post more details on the App updates as we go, so stay tuned.

For YieldShield BETA 2.0 release you will already be able to make investments only in BUSD as well as limiting the maximum investment to 10% of the liquidity of the Pool from one investor, and not more than 20% of liquidity of the pool invested from YieldShield.

YieldShield BETA 2.0 release date will be announced soon. In order to access the BETA App, you will need to have the BETA Access NFTs in your wallet that you can Farm here by staking your YIELD tokens.

More updates are coming soon.

Stay tuned!

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Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.

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Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.

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