Is the YieldShield platform suitable for beginners?

2 min readMay 29, 2022

Today our team wants to answer one of the most common questions: “Is the YieldShield platform suitable for beginners?”
Well, we say with one accord, “YES.”

Why are we sure? Read below⬇️.

[Aggregated Farms]
Your investment will be resistant to the crashes and burns of specific exchanges. Our users no longer need to search for the most convenient and profitable Pools & Farms all over the Internet. You can find them all collected in one place now. Our analysts constantly monitor the market for the most stable and secure platforms for your investment. YieldShield only works with whitelisted farms that have passed a security audit to minimize your risks and maximize your yield.

[Stop Loss]
You can get a good night’s sleep or spend a day out, knowing your investment is shielded, thanks to YieldShield’s stop-loss mechanism.
Simply specify the level of allowable drawdown and our robo-farmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base coin, and return those funds to your wallet if your losses exceed this level.

[Automatic Restake]
You don’t have to sit for hours staring at the computer to figure out the best time to re-invest your interest. YieldShield automates this, and it’s the first ‘set and forget’ yield farming system. In the near future our platform will automatically compound your investment at the optimal rate to increase the projected rate of return.

[Simple Start]
Creating an investment has not been so easy-do you have BNB and BUSD? That’s all that is required! No need to exchange tokens.

[Process Transparency]
All the commands on YieldShield are transparent.
You can check any transactions on the platform — when and how much was invested, the fee charged.

YieldShield breaks the monopoly and introduces faster, more efficient transactions that are easier on your pocket. Our platform ends the need for constant screen watching and manual compounding through automation.
A simple interface and automated processes make work easy and clear, suitable for both beginners and experts🤖.

So you can not worry even if you are a beginner.
YieldShield platform is suitable for you💜.




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