YieldShield Beta 3.0 or …

2 min readMar 17, 2022


Reading the title, don’t get nervous! This is the last closed Beta, and it will last around 2 weeks. We made many upgrades and updates to YieldShield in the past 3 months and decided with the team that it should be thoroughly tested by our community Beta Testers one last time before it will go Public.

So, what’s new?

We have already started highlighting new features in our social networks and will continue as there are a lot of them!

We already announced:

  • intuitive investment process
  • ability to name your investment
  • dark & light mode
  • chart with your investment stats
  • notifications

We will keep posting more and more updates that we did before the release. We have some major changes that were not disclosed yet!

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When Beta?

YieldShield Beta 3.0 will be live on 22 March 2022. Set notifications for this date, this will be huge!

How to access Beta 3.0?

Same as for the previous Beta Releases, you need to have YieldShield Beta Access NFT to be able to use the platform.

We are dropping 50 more NFTs to the NFTrade farm, so more users can make investments and try our RoboFarmer in action.

We decreased the prices for NFTs in nYIELD and increased the maximum amount for investing on the platform. See the updates below:

Gold Access — 1,000,000 nYIELD — max investment $50,000–5 NFTs available

Silver Access — 500,000 nYIELD — max investment $20,000–15 NFTs available

Bronze Access — 200,000 nYIELD — max investment $10,000–30 NFTs available

You can farm NFTs by staking your $YIELD tokens on the NFTrade marketplace — ​​https://nftrade.com/farms/yield-protocol

How to buy a $YIELD token?

P.S. You can access Beta 3.0 with NFTs from the previous BETA releases, they are still valid.

Exciting news for Beta Testers!

For the Public Beta, we still will have a maximum investment limit until our contracts are audited.

BUT! We want to reward our Beta testers! All YieldShield Beta Testers who participated in Beta and made investments will get an increased maximum investment limit during the Public Beta.

So hurry up, farm NFTs and participate in Beta 3.0 while you can!

And the most frequently asked question: when is the Public Beta Release?

As we wrote earlier, Beta 3.0 will last up to two weeks. Then we will need to close access to the YieldShield App to be able to fix the discovered issues and prepare the app for Public Release. It will take around 1–2 weeks.

So we are focusing on the middle-end of April.

Stay tuned!




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