YieldShield BETA is now live!

We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and we are proud to announce that YieldShield BETA is now live!

Our talented development team has been working incredibly hard for the last few months building the most advanced and secure Crypto Yield Farming optimization platform in the market which is stacked full of features unique only to us.

What is YieldShield BETA

YieldShild BETA is a fully functional web-based platform for Automatic Crypto Yield Farming and it contains all the exciting features we previously announced, such as:

Automatic Restake
No more need to spend labored hours looking for the best crypto pool investment options. Simply set your risk level and let our RoboFarmer do the rest for you — always finding the highest crypto yield with an algorithmic multi-chain crypto yield farming mechanism.

Simply specify your preferred level of allowable drawdown and our RoboFarmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base token, and return those funds to your crypto wallet if your investment touches your stop-loss level… all done automatically.

Set Risk Level
Yieldshield estimates the Risk level hourly for each farm based on multiple parameters automatically. You just have to decide whether you agree to a low-risk stable income or you are willing to take extra risk for the opportunity of possibly gaining enhanced profit.

Upon the launching of YieldShield’s BETA, we integrated with 3 Yield Farming Platforms on (BSC) Binance Smart Chain (PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, CafeSwap).

The maximum investment is limited to 50 BNB for GOLD NFT access holders, 20 BNB for Silver NFT holders, and 10 BNB for Bronze NFT holders.

Who will have access to BETA?

Additionally to our internal testers, access will be provided to NFT Holders who have farmed them by staking $YIELD on the NFTrade platform.

We are also open to suggestions and feedback from reviewers. If you are interested in constructing a review of our platform, please contact us.

How to use YieldShield BETA?

  1. First of all, farm your NFT to access the platform by staking $YIELD tokens on the NFTtrade platform.
  2. Connect your MetaMask or Binance wallet with Binance Smart Сhain (BSC) Mainnet selected.
  3. To create a new auto-investment — click on the “New Investment” button on the dashboard.
  4. Fill out the data in fields.

Amount — how much do you want to invest
The minimum investment for BETA is 0.05 BNB. The maximum investment amount is limited per wallet based on what NFT you are holding. You can perform as many auto-investments as you want but the total amount of all funds invested on the platform from your wallet cant be higher than 10, 20, or 50 BNB (based on what NFT type you are holding).

Risk level — from Very Low to Very High

Gas Allocation — amount to be used by our Robo-Farmer for covering gas fees while performing investment actions on your behalf. The minimum gas allocation is 0.05 BNB. Maximum Gas allocation is 0.1 BNB per auto-investment.

Stop Loss is set to 10% for BETA.

5. Click confirm and approve the transactions in your MetaMask/Binance wallet.

6. Congratulations, your first auto-investment was successfully created.

7. If you want to collect rewards but keep your investment on the platform — click the “Claim Rewards” button. If you’re going to exit the investment — click “Claim & Exit”.

There are 3 options available for claiming your rewards

  • Claim rewards in native tokens (10% fee is being charged)
  • Claim rewards in YIELD tokens (5% fee is being charged)
  • Claim rewards in LP tokens (0% fee) COMING SOON

8. On the Pools section you can see the list of all supported pools and basic info about each pool (APY, liquidity, Risk level etc.).

9. On Gas section you can see your gas wallet balance, all the transactions done by Robo-farmer, and deposit/withdraw fuel from there.

When will YieldShield go live?

The closed BETA is the final stage of testing, where we release YieldShield to selected members of our community to give us their open and honest feedback.

According to our estimates, BETA testing will last no less than one month. Also, during the BETA we are preparing to conduct a security audit to fully ensure the security of our platform before the public launch.

Follow our social media channels for more info!

Website | Twitter | Telegram




Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.

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Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.

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