YieldShield Stop-loss. Why it is important?

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Today we will tell you what Stop-loss is, 2 kinds of YieldShield Stop-losses and why it is important.

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In a crypto market, farmers can lose by not taking profits on time and securing some of their investments. Your investments will be shielded with the Stop-loss function.

1️⃣So what is Stop-loss?
Stop-loss is a trading tool designed to limit the maximum loss of an investment by automatically liquidating assets once the market price reaches a specified value.
YieldShield is using stop-loss to prevent the loss of the investment.

Simply specify the level of allowable drawdown and our robo-farmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base coin, and return those funds to your wallet. The Stop-loss function is careful about your investment.

2️⃣ Now let’s understand what kinds of YieldShield Stop-losses there are and how they work.

1. FULL Stop-loss.
A Full stop-loss is a trading tool designed to limit maximum investment loss by automatically liquidating assets as soon as the market price reaches a certain value.

2. TRAILING Stop-loss.
The Trailing Stop-loss order is tight to your maximum current investment value, not the initially invested amount.

Trailing stops help to fix profits while keeping the investment open until the price of the instrument hits your trailing stop level. Your trailing Stop-loss order can be set for a specific number of points or a percentage distance from the starting price. For example, you invested $ 1000. And you set the percentage of stop loss at 20%. Your investment has grown to $ 1050, then to $ 1200. Your current investment value is now $ 1100. And your stop loss level will be $ 1200 because that was your highest return, not the $ 1000 you originally invested. This way, your investment will be spent at $ 960 with trailing loss, instead of $ 800 with full stop loss.

A Trailing stop may also be more advantageous than a regular Stop-loss if the market price moves in your favor but then changes because your Stop-loss follows a favorable price movement but does not move in the opposite direction. Like a regular Stop-loss, once the price of the instrument hits your Stop-loss level, your trade will be closed at the next affordable price, which prevents you from holding on to a losing investment and increasing your risk of losing more money.

Full Stop-loss will be triggered with your initially invested amount, trailing will be triggered based on the maximum current investment you had.

3️⃣How to create Stop-loss?

It’s very simple!
Stop-loss is adjusted when you create your investment. So start investing⬇️
- deposit gas if needed(min gas allocation is 0.1 BNB),
- create a name for your investment,
- enter the investment amount (min is 100 BUSD per wallet),
- set the risk level(from very low to very high),
- choose the type of Stop-loss(Full or Trailing) and the set percentage (it can be from 10% to 100%).

If the stop-loss percentage was hit — Robo-Farmer will exit the investment, claim rewards, convert all of it to the currency you initially invested, and send it to your wallet.

That’s all, finish creating your investment by reviewing the summary and completing the TX.

Congratulations, your investment is created and Stop-loss configured. The Stop-loss function is careful about your investment.

P.S.A nice bonus from the YieldShield platform is that it doesn’t charge a commission for returning your money to the wallet.

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