YieldShield Testnet is LIVE!

The time has come!
We are delighted to announce that YieldShied is now live and ready for public testing on Testnet.

6 min readApr 24, 2021


What is YieldShield?

YieldShield is an algorithmic DeFi farming platform that brings the data analytics standards of high-frequency trading to yield farming.

YieldShield benefits and features:

  • Maximizes the possible profit on yield farms;
  • Functions via a dedicated smart contract for each user;
  • Shields users from risk through a stop-loss function.

Learn more about YieldShield here

How to participate

First, go to app.yieldshield.com and connect your MetaMask wallet. If you’re using any other wallet, you will need to download MetaMask.

Once MetaMask is connected, please switch to Rinkeby network in MetaMask.

You are all set!

How to get some test ETH?

Go to Rinkeby’s faucet where you can get test ETH which can be only used on Rinkeby Testnet.

In order to get ETH — make a public post on Twitter or Facebook with your ETH address. Please insert a link to the post in the URL field on the faucet page, click on the “Give me Ether” button and choose the best option for you.

Wait for a few minutes and the ETH will be in your MetaMask wallet.

Where to find your ETH address?

Open your MetaMask and click on “Account”

Your ETH address is successfully copied!

Investing process

  1. To create a new auto-investment — click on the “New Investment” button on the dashboard.

2. Fill out the data in fields.

Amount — how much you want to invest

Risk level — On a scale of 1–100%

Gas Allocation — amount to be transferred to the Personal Strategist.

What is the risk level?

Risk level was implemented to decide whether you want to play it safe or willing to take a risk and get it all. The higher the risk level you choose — the higher yield you might get as funds will be invested in newer pools with higher APYs, etc. But it also means higher risks for you as an investor.

What’s the Gas Allocation?

As we are taking auto-investment, most of the re-staking actions will be happening without your direct participation. And, as you know, the Gas fee is charged for each transaction.

Gas allocation is the amount needed for covering Gas fees.

0.3 ETH is the minimum amount to put to Gas Allocation for each investment.

There are few ways to deposit your Gas account. You can read more in the Gas section of this article.

3. Click confirm and approve transactions in your MetaMask

4. Congratulations, your first auto-investment was successfully created.

We deployed 5 pools on Rinkeby and added liquidity to them.

Once you create the auto-investment, funds will go to the pool with the highest available APY with the risk level selected. You will see all relevant data on the dashboard. Your investment remains in the pool as long as its APY remains higher than the rest. If another pool with the same risk level overtakes the pool you are invested in, your investment is automatically re-staked to the pool with the higher APY.

Add more funds to existing auto-investment.

To increase the amount invested — simply click on the “Invest” button near the desired investment.

Enter the amount you wanna add to the investment, “Stop-loss %” and click “Confirm”. Confirm the investment in MetaMask also, and the money will be added right away.

Stop Loss % helps to prevent you from losing funds. If your investment drops by the percent selected by the Stop Loss % — the investment will be re-staked to another pool.

Claim rewards vs. Claim & Exit

If you want to collect rewards but keep your investment on the platform — click the “Claim Rewards” button. If you’re going to leave the pool — click “Claim & Exit”.

Once you clicked on the “Claim Rewards” or “Claim & Exit” button — a new window will open where you can choose the way you want to receive your rewards.

There are three ways to claim rewards:

  1. Claim rewards in the native token — 10% fee.

The 10% fee will apply to your profits, 5% of those will go towards buying and burning YIELD tokens, the other 5% will go to YieldShield to fund its future development and will be converted to ETH.

2. Claim your rewards in YIELD tokens — 5% FEE

The 5% fee will apply to your profits. 2.5% will be converted to ETH and used to fund future development, with another 2.5% converted to YIELD and burnt. You will receive your profits in YIELD tokens.

3. Claim LP tokens — 0% FEE

50% of the reward tokens will be used to buy YIELD, the other 50% will be used to buy ETH and will be automatically added to the YIELD/ETH pool. You will receive YIELD/ETH LP tokens.

Choose the most suitable option for you and click the “Claim” button. Confirm the transaction in Metamask, and the rewards will be sent to your wallet.


You can see how much gas you have in the Gas page on the platform.

There are few ways you can deposit Gas:

  1. Every time you make a new investment select an amount for “Gas allocation”;
  2. Directly from the Gas page by clicking the “Deposit fuel” button.

Enter the amount of ETH you wanna deposit and click “Confirm”.

You can also withdraw deposited fuel by clicking “Withdraw Fuel” on the Gas page and entering how much you want to withdraw.

The fuel meter on the left bottom corner of the platform will show you if you have enough fuel in your account.

The other two pages — Pools and Delegated Pools — have mock data as they are not yet ready to launch. In the future users will be able to make manual investments to the specific pool of their choosing.

Where to send your feedback

Feel free to try out all the features and let us know about your experience by filling out the form on the app.

For filling out the form click “Report a Bug”

Once the bug is reported, we will take care of the mentioned issue in future releases.

Thanks for participating, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

The YieldShield Team.




Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.