YieldShield Updates: When Public Beta?

” I’m enjoying the platform🤤 Damn, it’s awesome!!!💪

I want to hang around there all day, constantly jumping from section to section! Bliss!”

“Liking how it’s shaping up thus far”

“Now I sit and think, that if I would have worked through YieldShield — this would not have happened, because the system always Restake my deposits, either by price deviation or by emptying the liquidity pool, whichever comes first. My capital would be protected from such manipulators and dishonest projects. And everything would happen automatically, without any action on my part. Moreover, in the Restake case, the robot would choose for me the most profitable pool, from the general variety, completely independently.

In general — viva la YieldShield! Please release the new version as soon as possible!”




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Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimize the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.